Renee (3)

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  1. Joe Smoe

    No you my friend may need some glasses is all? You def don’t see an angel with that kind of body everyday! Bro if that was my old lady I would truly be in heaven but no she’s not mine unfortunately. Also leave my little dick out of this, it has feelings too.

    • Jess

      Mr Smoe,

      No glasses needed, I already said that she is extremely Nice. I just asked you to stay in the realm of reality. No doubt she is one of the nicer ones posted in recent memory.

      Also, no shame on the micro penis. She appears to be highly content

    • Nick

      When I saw this post shared I had to come say I also have came inside her in the last three months. Id be careful with that, with the number of people she screws there’s a good chance it will already have cum in it.

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