So after almost 3 weeks (two of which I was out of the country) the site is back online. Of course the second I left home my server would decide to drop me cause of one motherfucking dmca takedown request. Really guys? I will get into it more later, and I will post some stuff tonight when all my shit finishes propagating. Thank you all.

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Looks like my ratings plugin was not good and got hacked into and the ratings wiped. I really don’t care about the ratings but I am so fucking furious right now you have no idea. Fuck everybody and everything. If I ever get a backdoor/virus etc or any sort of …

That last number stayed the same for quite a while, over 3 years… New number, update your contacts, +1-540-666-SEXT… Sending pics to [email protected] is still easier.

This is a US number so the country code is 1. Send pictures to that, send a caption if you want also and I will post the picture in the area code you sent from, unless you specify a different 犀利士
one. You can of course still send to [email protected] too, or send a link to pictures hosted somewhere else as long as they are your own. Thank you!

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Although the previous ratings were tossed (which I should have done years ago) the new ratings are working. I formerly had an upvote/downvote system in place, the ratings were also AJAX and were causing the site to run sort of slowly. New ratings work, new sorting system works, you can now on your desktop look to the side and change from the default sort (By DATE in DESC order) to oldest first, top rated first, bottom rated first, and this will also apply to each individual category and area code. For example, you select RATING by DESC order, then go to Area Code 330, you will see the top-rated posts in the 330 area code, page by page. Let me know how you like this system, thank you all for rating so much, and keep submitting your posts, I will get them online as fast as possible. Send however many you want to admin at zipped up, attached, or even a link to pictures. Just remember to give me a title and area code to post them in. Thanks again! 😀

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I’m on vacation. I am going to post some stuff now, but that’s where I’ve been the last week.

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First try to use a different theme I still had errors. After deleting every fucking thing, still problems. This theme now, functioning. I may keep it or do something different… I’ll decide tonight. Gym now. Can’t look at the computer screen anymore, thanks for being patient with me; 2016/07/25-15:24 EST …

Left town and didn’t feel like working too much. Thanks for still coming by! Updates coming starting now, and any users who run their own Amateur-type sites (with similar content), we are looking for trades, let us know admin -at-

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