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  1. John, this picture was submitted to me… Also, D is the one who submitted the pics, and I will be posting the next ones he submitted soon… D, how come these pics, and the new ones are under the area code 123?

    So everyone else knows, the reason I link some of these pics out to affiliate sites, is because you are seeing the FULL SIZE pic already, and there is no reason to link it to the picture unless you are seeing a bigger version. So linking out gets me more traffic, and doesn’t take away from any of the quality high-resolution photos I continue to post on this site.

    ALSO; When area codes are listed 123 or 555 or 001 etc, its because people put that down as the area code for whatever reason, not because I wanted to make up some shit.

  2. d

    thats funny john….i dated her for 2 yrs…and i have a hundred other pics on my comp. of her….look in the 937 area code….and look at the couples section …..thats me fucking her….thanks tho dbag ๐Ÿ™‚

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