scituate slut


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  1. Stan

    Joe was hanging in a bar and his friends asked him if he had scored lately. Joe told his friends man I picked up this chick the other night and had the best sex ever, the only problem was she was a total Butterface!
    His friends asked him, “What the heck is a Butterface?”
    Joe answered, “Everything about her was hot, BUT HER FACE


    damnnnn milf!!!!!! must be one crazy ass bitch. if onlyyyyyyyy you knew.would i go lesbian for them? nahhhh but if i had a dick id tittie fuck her for sure.
    wham bam thank you mam’ her ass.
    then run.

  3. Sweet sexy girl, text me! 609-257-8098

    Hey boys, I’m a 22 y/o Blond tennis player from Cali. I have light blue eyes, 106 lbs., “C” boobs with tiny peach nipples, no piercings or tats, completely shaved smooth, I love nerdy guys, and I love to trade pictures of myself wearing nothing but my birthday suit!

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