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  1. Hot Girl - 21 - Anyone care to text me? ;-) 928-279-2520

    Hi boys, I’m one of the girls on this site. Lets see if you can guess which one. I’m 21 y/o, 5’6″, 104 lbs., white, hazel eyes, I’m a brunette, and I love football! My hair is straight in my picture but it’s normally wavy. If you think you know, text me the name of the picture and a little something for me if you don’t mind. I like boys that pay attention. 😉

  2. matt

    shut up Ese 5o5 maybe she wasnt ugly maybe she just doesnt wanna show her face so rapists like you dont come to find her. so its good that she did. fuck you man youre an asshole for even saying that without even seeing her. so you should just shut the fuck up and keep jacking off with the rest of the assholes while all the good guys get laid.

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