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  1. CyCo

    LMAO! Tyler, you are without a doubt, the biggest fuck tard I’ve ever run into. What makes you think I’m a female? You were right when you said you weren’t smart. I’m not even gonna go into how disturbing it is to me knowing you’re probablly jerkin off and thinking how much you hate me, but how you also want to have sex with me. Do I confuse and arouse you that much? And the best insult for me you could come up with is I “think it’s cool to misspell psycho”? Didn’t want to hurt your chances of fuckin me, huh? Stop trying to be a bad ass cuz you just pwned yourself, “faggot”.

  2. Tyler Wince

    What dumb assholes. Quit arguing over the Internet you pussies. None of you are even ballsy enough to put your real names on here and besides two of you, you’re all the faggots who comment with their numbers and say, “youre so hot send more pics. text me.” What fucking losers. The other two of you are the only two females to actually regularly visit this site and one of you is the fucking ugly bitch in this picture and the other thinks it’s cool to misspell “psycho.” Why don’t both of you try looking at real porn for once and quit trying to be models. The lady on this picture is always on here ’cause she has nothing better to do with her failed, 38-year-old life. Why is someone else always taking your pictures for you? Is it the one guy that you’re going to be having sex with for the rest of your life?? That’s so hot! pwned

  3. CyCo

    Tyler don’t ever claim to speak for me or anyone else again, ever. You’re obviously a complete fucking moron. I am overwhelmed with joy by the fact that she has finally chosen to give us the honor of putting a face to that perfect body. You need to learn when to keep your fucking mouth shut, especially when it comes to the object of my obsession, so grab your crayons, get your tator-tots, and cinch up the chin strap on your helmet, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKIN TARD!

  4. Tyler Wince

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is a general agreement that this picture won’t be rated as well as all of her other ones. Jesus. Just look at that face (don’t). She has an alright body. It’s nothing too special, but they’re are boobs attached. I think the regular visitors on here are all very disappointed by this picture. Stick to the faceless ones. Please.

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