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  1. Hot Girl - 21 - Anyone care to text me? ;-) 928-279-2520

    Hi boys, I’m one of the girls on this site. Lets see if you can guess which one. I’m 21 y/o, 5’6″, 104 lbs., white, hazel eyes, I’m a brunette, and I love football! My hair is straight in my picture but it’s normally wavy. If you think you know, text me the name of the picture and a little something for me if you don’t mind. I like boys that pay attention. 😉

  2. CST

    @ youareall dumb shits and katknip4u- You both are very correct that people need to seriously fuck off with this shit where they post pics with out permission, First off I am a Computer Systems Technician and an Amature Photographer. I GUARANTEE you that if you get caught desemminating a pic you can be charged.

    Those of you telling them to stop bitching and to fuck off etc. Grow a set and read the attached article. This girl trusted her BF and she did learn her lesson but I think you will all agree that lesson came at a huge fucking price. So before you bitch at people because they stand up for peoples LEGAL rights, Shut the fuck up and use your brain.

  3. Peter

    Haha… I have to laugh at these poor brainwashed fools pining for these stupid bitches thinking that they are helpless pawns in some master scheme. Dudes, first of all, stop wining, you sound like women. Secondly, if the girl is stupid enough to take a pic and send it to some dude, she deserves to learn a lesson. It’s JUST A PICTURE. Get over it. They will learn the hard way and not make that mistake again. Stop being little bitches about it. And if you’re not 18, which I believe is the case here, GET OFF THIS SITE.

  4. admin

    shut the fuck up dumbasses. what good is a picture without a face? its just tities and all girls have them

    if you hate people who do this then get the fuck off this site. it was made to post gf pics not post pics of our gfs that have to get your approvel first

  5. katknip4u

    It’s a real shame. Girls are so trusting with thier “loving” boyfriends. If your boyfriend or husband respected you he wouldn’t be putting up your face on these kind of sites. Don’t trust them. If you like to show what you got, don’t include your face….What ever pic you put up is on the internet forever. THERE IS NO TAKING IT BACK!!


  6. youareall dumb shits

    Stop putting girls faces in the pictures and trying to ruin there lifes. you all know that is dumb shit guys that fuck this up for every guy. Because of this site you guys kill it for the rest of us who enjoy our girls to send us naked pictures. she did not put this up an ex did and its fucked.

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